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Horny Young Guy. Mom's Friends. Deep shame.

There was a time when his mom’s girlfriends mostly handed out candy, patted him on the head, and called him a “good boy.” Back then, they seemed like the sexiest women out there and, when he locked himself in his room, he wallowed in his wildest fantasies, dreaming of fucking each and every single one of them. Now the time has come to make those dreams a reality - he’s spry and hot, his dick is stiff and mighty! He’s ready to resort to some real dirty tricks to get his hands on their succulent mature holes. Join SHAME4K and stream the dirtiest videos focusing on a younger stud on his quest to conquer every old cunt he ever dreamed about. All accessible in 4K, be it on mobile or PC.
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Good Clothes Open All Holes

  • 1904
  • 88610
  • 39:20
Name: Tanya Virago
Age: 47
Occupation: sex worker
Difficulty: 57%
This guy found a chocolate bar with a golden ticket. His classmates shared with him the phone number of a lady who did not pay attention to the age of her clients, which meant that he could finally part with his virginity. The guy arranged a meeting over the phone, and therefore did not even suspect that instead of a mature and ready for anything lady will meet his neighbor, the best friend of his mom. However, the lady also did not expect to meet a guy from the neighboring apartment at work. In order to keep her shameful secret, she had to do what she knew how to do best - bring pleasure to her clients...
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Nextdoor mom

  • 1795
  • 86462
  • 33:25
Name: Tanya Foxxx
Age: 52
Occupation: Restaurateur
Difficulty: 62%
I was busy studying when I heard someone ring the doorbell. Answering the door, I saw a stunning lady with huge knockers standing across from me. She was holding a hot pie while grinning at me – as it turns out, it was our new neighbor, Tanya Foxxx. She was a mature lady, but when it comes to sensuality, she would give any young slag a run for her money. Realizing that I can’t let this opportunity slip away, I gently placed my hand on her breasts and said – I’m happy that you’re our new next-door neighbor! My dick craves hot fucking on the regular and you seem like the right gal to tame it. Whadda you say, mommy?
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Is it shameful to spy on my mother’s showering friend?

  • 1690
  • 84314
  • 38:12
Name: Marta
Age: 50
Occupation: Bookkeeper
Difficulty: 76%
Marta is one of my mother’s HOTTEST friends. Her deliciously soft body never really left my perverse fantasies and sometimes I’d dedicate entire evenings to masturbating to the thoughts of me fucking her huge ass. As if to prove that thoughts are things and MILFs are thots, Marta came over to our house to take a shower. The thought of my long-time crush standing behind the door totally naked drove me crazy. I took out my cock and started pleasuring myself while spying on her. Her body seemed just so irresistible and tempting, so I decided to burst right in…
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Two Husbands Aren't Enough, She also Needs Young Lover!

  • 1705
  • 82166
  • 27:21
Name: Angelica
Age: 50
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 46%
Every day during a traditional jerk-off, he saw "hot ladies in your neighborhood" on his laptop screen. He was surprised when his neighbor turned out to be one. Even more surprising to him was that he was third in line for her wet pussy. But a man's fate is in his own hands. He decided to go all-in and hit the jackpot. All because she saw the only way to keep her dirty, inhumane and against the law of all states secret...
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Kleptomania is not a Sentence if to Frame in Time

  • 1772
  • 80018
  • 36:20
Name: Elle
Age: 54
Occupation: Teacher
Difficulty: 58%
What could be worse than stealing from your best friend? Betrayal! What could be better than exposing the wretched betrayer? Sex with her, of course! Our young hero has known these simple truths for a long time, but, as it happens with all of us, the realization of the truth comes only at the right moment. That moment when the balls are ready to explode with desire…
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Shhh… fuck me quietly!

  • 1723
  • 77870
  • 36:02
Name: Selena
Age: 50
Occupation: Theatre Actress
Difficulty: 80%
Selena was a long-time fantasy of mine. She only got hotter with age – her long, slim legs and firm booty never failed to get me all excited, my cock always stiffened when she in sight. That day, I decided to act decisively… by deceiving her into letting me into her apartment. She was wearing a short and vaguely transparent nightgown, looking as if she stepped out of my wet dreams. Selena motioned me to stay quiet since her hubby was asleep in another room, but my lust knew no bounds, she knew that I wanted one thing and one thing only. I ripped her clothes off, dragged her into the bedroom, and violently fucked her inches away from her sleeping husband. She begged me to keep it quiet because he could wake up at any moment!
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Busted my stepmom with her lover and made her suck my dick

  • 1622
  • 75722
  • 42:34
Name: Nika Katana
Age: 50
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 67%
Nika Katana is my sexy stepmother. I’ve always found her attractive but it’s not like I can just up and fuck my father’s new wife… Today I came home earlier and was thoroughly disappointed. I busted this aging MILF getting railed by her young, buff lover. This bitch was only wearing a tiny robe that barely covered her delicious physique. I took a good, hard look at the whore and decided to avenge my father. I made her suck my dick as she begged for forgiveness. “Who’s your daddy now, bitch?!”
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Wannabe thief or an obedient mature whore?

  • 1475
  • 73574
  • 25:24
Name: Angela MILF
Age: 50
Occupation: Lawyer
Difficulty: 65%
Angela Milf is one of my mother’s friends. She’s a mature, experienced lady that fueled my sexual fantasies for a very long time. Her ass was every bit as firm as it was in her youth and I was sure that fucking her must feel divine. I had to visit her house the other day because my mother asked me to. All of a sudden, I see this strange little object hidden in her closet – I instantly recognized it as one of my mom’s most prized pieces of jewelry. I grabbed it before confronting Angela – Looks like you stole something, you naughty girl. I do have a fitting punishment for you! After delivering my lines in a sexy fashion, I unzipped my pants and made her head down my shaft…
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Dirty pictures of my mom’s friend

  • 1360
  • 71426
  • 37:31
Name: Cherry Aleksa
Age: 50
Occupation: Painter
Difficulty: 57%
Cherry Alexa is one of my mother’s friends and also a next-door neighbor. I dreamed about fucking her ever since I first saw her – I always imagine swiftly taking off her silky robe and hungrily wrapping my lips around her erect nips. Anyways, these were just fantasies in the past, but now it’s go time. I suspected that a mature lady this sexy and this lonely would have some seriously lewd pictures stored on her PC, so all I have to do is find them before blackmailing her into fucking me. Easy-peasy!
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The Cock of the Beholder

  • 1320
  • 69278
  • 31:53
Name: Valentina Ross
Age: 48
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 40%
This horny bitch was ready for anything. She was on all fours, oozing juices running down her thighs and smelling of sex. She was literally begging to be fucked. She wanted to be fucked harshly, roughly, unceremoniously. And I gladly complied with her request. Only it wasn't me she was asking for...
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Are you gonna dust off my dick too?

  • 1324
  • 67130
  • 35:10
Name: Blue Wave
Age: 40
Occupation: Housekeeper
Difficulty: 71%
Blue Wave is my mother’s timid friend, she moonlights as a maid back at our place. Conversely, if she’s so shy, why would she wear such a short little outfit? I always thought that my cock was made for a mature pussy like hers anyway. This filthy bitch knew EXACTLY how to get me going: she decided to bend over and flash her old ass in front of my face. My arousal reached a fevered pitch, I was unable to control myself any longer! We did find a better use for her pink rubber gloves that day…
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Lechery Letter is Much Better than Love Letter

  • 1366
  • 64982
  • 36:43
Name: Oksana Katysheva
Age: 40
Occupation: Secretary
Difficulty: 75%
Yes, sexual satisfaction is a need shared by mature women as well. If they have spouses, that is. Both aristocrats and paupers have proven this rule throughout the course of human history. Even though a lot of time has passed, it feels like nothing has changed at its core. Sexual satisfaction has always been a need for women. It's only in the modern day that a lady who's desperate for sexual satisfaction may accidentally send a letter inviting her boyfriend to have passionate intercourse with her employer instead, and then have sexual relations with her boss's offspring. Alas, the age we live in has no place for morality.
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I Don't Know What Happened Last Night

  • 1300
  • 62834
  • 30:51
Name: Miya
Age: 55
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 76%
A day ago, she would have laughed in the face of anyone who said she would get a high school guy into bed with her. One night later, they woke up naked in the same bed. He was only eighteen, she was fifty-four. His parents were due to visit in a few minutes, but he can't find his handcuff keys. What had happened that ill-fated night?
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How to Have Sex Live

  • 1350
  • 60686
  • 32:37
Name: Victoria Nova
Age: 55
Occupation: Blogger
Difficulty: 58%
Every crook believes he is the most cunning smartass in the world. Every day we see such people on TV, on the Internet, on the soccer field-sized billboards. Sometimes the people we care about the most fall for their lies. When the hero of this story, a young guy with a pure heart and a simmering temperament, found out that his mom's best friend turned out to be a common liar, his first wish was to be completely exposed on live. His second wish, however, was more satisfying. It knocked from the guy's pants and asked to be thrust between this woman's legs. All the viewers of the live broadcast were delighted with this vengeance...
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Mature's Echoes of Sex-o-litude

  • 1264
  • 58538
  • 35:51
Name: Valentina Sierra
Age: 57
Occupation: Office worker
Difficulty: 67%
One day a simple guy, the hero of this story, accidentally learns that his mature neighbor Agatha prefers to masturbate in the car in the parking lot in front of the house, rather than return after work to her husband. What is it, hatred or tired of the monotony of married life? The guy asked for an honest answer and ended up having the best sex of his teenage life. Now look at how it went down…
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Old whore in great shape!

  • 1080
  • 56390
  • 32:41
Name: Naddin Keddo
Age: 50
Occupation: Cook
Difficulty: 53%
Nadin Keddo is one of my mother’s friends. She’s a cute older lady with rather voluptuous curves. Unsurprisingly, she’s ALSO on the list of my mother’s gal pals that I want to fuck. Way back in the day, she was quite easy, I did hear some tales of her legendary sluttiness. I always imagined this redheaded hoe seducing me, taking my young cock in her experienced mouth. Now it’s time to fulfill my long-time fantasies. I invited myself over to her place and suggested some good ol’ loving with my stiff, insatiable cock. Even I was stunned by her unexpected eagerness though…
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Real sex with a camgirl neighbor

  • 1120
  • 54242
  • 32:43
Name: Vikki Fox
Age: 50
Occupation: Teacher
Difficulty: 58%
My favorite way to unwind is to stroke my cock to saggy-breasted mature camgirls! This time around, there was a HUGE surprise waiting for more… “What the fuck? Could this really be my neighbor, Angela?” She was every bit as surprised as I was when I decided to make a move… Didn’t know that married teachers moonlight as e-whores! There’s not enough money in the world to make me forget this. That’s why I had to promise this perverse mature lady that I will keep my mouth shut under one condition. She had to use her skillful mouth to give me pleasure. I wanted to cum REAL hard tonight.
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Good Neighborly Relations!

  • 1045
  • 52094
  • 29:32
Name: Julia North
Age: 60
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 69%
Some men love their cars more than their family and friends. The wife warned this man that it could end badly for him. He continued fiddling with his favorite ride and didn't notice his wife had a lover. The irony is that this young guy was sent by the husband himself to his naked and heated wife, ready to give herself to anyone with a hard cock between his legs. Did this teach our old man anything? Alas, he continued to fondle only his automobile. But maybe it's better that way.
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Family doctor or my mature whore?

  • 1030
  • 49946
  • 30:27
Name: Ivanna
Age: 54
Occupation: Doctor
Difficulty: 85%
Ivanna is one of my mother’s closest friends and also a good doctor. I used to fantasize about her back in the day. That, of course, not to say that she didn’t get sexier with age – her slim, toned body is hotter than most 18-year-olds! As mentioned before, she was a long-time sexual fantasy of mine, so I finally decided to make my impossible dream a reality. My plan was simple: I wanted to go to her place and ask her to examine my cock. I knew she wouldn’t say no to her best friend’s son! Capitalizing on the fact that my cock is sure to stiffen in her experienced hands, I’ll talk her into giving me a sensuous BJ….
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Mother’s friend or an undercover freak?

  • 933
  • 47798
  • 38:57
Name: Eleonora
Age: 45
Occupation: Teacher
Difficulty: 78%
Eleonora, one of my mother’s dearest friends, was a very reserved and timid lady, but I always felt as if there was more to her… a real maelstrom of lust that can consume us both. That day, I ran over to her place, lying that my mom asked me to grab her something. Much to my surprise, I discovered a very interesting object stashed away in her closet. I walked over to Eleonora and showed her this big dildo I found. She got all flustered and asked me not to tell anyone about her dirty little secret. I was NOT cooperative at all: I whipped out my cock and said – I’m willing to forget about your dirty little secret here if you’re going to fulfill one of my long-time sexual fantasies… fucking you!
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Extreme Shame of Next Door Woman

  • 976
  • 45650
  • 39:31
Name: Kitty Li
Age: 45
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 68%
How can you make a mature woman feel ashamed? You can, for example, point out her weaknesses and shortcomings. Or you can take advantage of them and get your hands on material for further work on deep penetration. The hero of this story got lucky. A next door neighbor dame accidentally called the wrong place and gave him carte blanche for further actions. Of course, actions of the most depraved nature in the most depraved positions...
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Ah, That Сonfounding Shame of 70s!

  • 862
  • 43502
  • 29:19
Name: Asha Heart
Age: 42
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 41%
All in all, the after party evening was an unusually tough one. Having worked a full shift as dancers at a private party, the guys wanted nothing more than to rest. But this damsel demanded her attention as the lady of the house. The guys had to wriggle out, and it came down to sex. However, because of one little nuance, the damsel had to plunge headlong into a maelstrom of shame and embarrassment. Well, what did you expect, you'd better to talk first...
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Horny Detective

  • 850
  • 41354
  • 31:09
Name: Laura
Age: 57
Occupation: Baroness
Difficulty: 65%
A good detective never gives up on his cases, even if he's still a schoolboy. Therefore, when it comes to juicy hotties, it's easy to lose one's mind and rip up the rulebook. However, our main characters is nothing like that. He knows for sure that this time, the femme fatale has overacted, thinking that he was bluffing. Imagine how surprised she was when it turned out that he has enough evidences to cause her divorce and what more. A good detective never bluffs. So his mom's friend... Errr... We mean, this noble lady will have to do everything he wants and will have to bear with his every desire...
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It Ain’t Easy Being a Small Titty Blogger

  • 796
  • 39206
  • 29:24
Name: Karina Fox
Age: 43
Occupation: Blogger
Difficulty: 62%
The Internet is like the biggest distorting mirror out there. It is like the largest city ever to be built on a landfill. On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog or a one-armed bandit. On the Internet, anyone can be whoever they want: just lie, pretend, use the right filter. And what a shame when a random IRL suddenly exposes such a deception! The shame is so strong that the Internet dweller will be ready to do anything to make sure those skeletons stay in the closet…
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Birthday bang!

  • 768
  • 37058
  • 36:15
Name: Scarlett Vladi
Age: 59
Occupation: Interior designer
Difficulty: 57%
Today’s the day – my mother’s good friend, Scarlett, was celebrating her birthday. I decided to drop by with a b-day cake in tow. I was greeted by something completely unexpected: the usually prudish Scarlett was bound! She wasn’t completely naked, though – the chubby beauty was wearing sunglasses, a funny hat, stockings, and a gag. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a few pictures with this slut! Now that’s shameful! Guess she was prepping to celebrate the special occasion. I poured myself some tea to take a moment to fully appreciate her tempting curves. Ignoring Scarlett’s muffled grunting, I seized the opportunity – “Spread your legs, time to celebrate!”
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Revenge of El Josto

  • 687
  • 34910
  • 33:56
Name: Camilla Creampie
Age: 55
Occupation: Tourist
Difficulty: 67%
What would happen if her elderly parents found out that on that very tourist trip she didn't go to museums and theaters, but participated in orgies with the leader of a criminal organization and ended up on an international wanted list? She probably won't have any more parents. And to prevent this from happening, she is compelled to plunge back into debauchery and adultery, but this time with the manager of a small hostel...
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Nyotaimori Means Fuck Me Harder for Sushi Odalisque

  • 676
  • 32762
  • 28:18
Name: Brittany Bardot
Age: 52
Occupation: Teacher
Difficulty: 58%
What man doesn't dream of opening the door to his own home after a stultifying day's work and finding a naked wife ready for his every whim! Or a naked wife covered in whipped cream in the softest places! Or a naked wife in a pile of bits of raw fish and boiled rice... Um, what? What the hell, though! Yes, of course, that's a wonderful surprise, too! Albeit a little strange, of course…
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Came Over for Fuck of Dice

  • 645
  • 30614
  • 29:43
Name: Viki Ray
Age: 50
Occupation: Croupier
Difficulty: 65%
To hide their embarrassing secrets, people are sometimes willing to go to extremes. Sometimes they forget to use their brains. This was the case, for example, with the heroine of this story, who got involved with the criminal world for some reason, who owed and forgot to tell her husband everything. Trying to hide the obvious, she was made to spread her legs in front of her BFF's guy. However, apart from pleasure, it did little good...
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Expensive Car Effect

  • 568
  • 28466
  • 33:40
Name: Xenia Nice
Age: 54
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 46%
In every person's life there is an event that determines the rest of their life. Someone raises a flag under drumfire and wins the war, remaining a national hero for the rest of his life. Someone misuses a familiar hole and realizes that until that moment he had been living the wrong life. And the heroine of this story long ago lost her virginity in the back seat of an expensive car. Now the smell of leather drives her crazy. Barely smelling it, she gets wet and becomes ready to fuck anything she sees. Unfortunately for her, this shameful feature of hers is witnessed by a young guy from her best friend's family…
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Better Be Whore for Neighbor than Fail in Public

  • 529
  • 26318
  • 32:54
Name: Gina Monelli
Age: 45
Occupation: Сompany manager
Difficulty: 76%
What could be more embarrassing than losing face in front of a neighborhood? They will whisper behind your back as you approach them. They'll smile at you and say hello, but as soon as you turn away, they'll laugh and point fingers at you. They'll make up anything to make that very story even more embarrassing. And no matter what you do, they'll think you're an inferior creature. Someone who once shamed themselves. Better not to live at all than to be shamed in front of the neighborhood. Well, or exposing your juicy pussy to your female friend's guy, so the shameful secret stays a secret...
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Bugging Next Door Lady to Fuck Her

  • 486
  • 24170
  • 30:56
Name: Kris Vog
Age: 48
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 70%
When her husband was away, she often went out with her best friend. No one suspected that her best friend had long ago become her girlfriend. No one -- except the radio amateur from next door. As it turned out, he had long enjoyed the sounds of the lovemaking of two mature girlfriends. But that day he decided to take his relationship with his neighbor to a new level - to turn eavesdropping into auditioning...
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Mysterious Wiccan Turned Out to be Mature Whore

  • 448
  • 22022
  • 35:52
Name: Klara Wells
Age: 58
Occupation: Witch
Difficulty: 50%
When Daddy doesn't love Mommy, that's normal. It happens, and there's nothing you can do about it. But when Dad's sperm ends up in Mom's best friend's collection, that's an event that's hard to ignore. Perhaps the hero of the story was wrong to go poking around in his neighbor's dirty laundry. But whatever the case, he managed to take advantage of the situation in time to walk his tame python...
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Jerry's Game

  • 400
  • 19874
  • 27:09
Name: Tammy Jean
Age: 48
Occupation: Housewife
Difficulty: 46%
Jerry loves intricate and flashy sex. He binds his wife to the bed and fucks her so hard she forgets her name. And then Jerry pulls out his whips, spiked vibrators, clothespins, tasers and other cock enhancers and starts the second approach, after which his wife forgets what planet she lives on. Jerry loves his wife and she loves him. But this time, after tying her up at her request, his demanding boss calls him into work. Well, Jerry decided, let that be part of the game. He left for the office, forgetting to lock the front door. Because of this tiny oversight, Jerry's game continued without him…
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